BBK 1724 62mm Throttle Body – High Flow Power Plus Series for Jeep 4.0L

  • BBK is your Number One Aftermarket Performance Brand in the USA – American Designed and Built
  • High Flow Power Plus Series 62mm Throttle Body Increases Airflow to Improve Horsepower and Throttle Response Over Stock
  • Recommended For Vehicles Where Modifications Have Been Made or are Planned Especially Cold Air Intakes and Exhaust
  • All New CNC Machined Casting Assembled with Components that Exceed OEM Standards, They Will Offer Years of Trouble Free Performance
  • Simple Direct Bolt on Replacement for Factory U

£289.99 £489.99

BBK 1724 62mm Throttle Body offers you with the best untroublesome performance for years with its High Flow Power Plus series which increases airflow to improve horsepower. This throttle body’s brand new CNC machined casting assembled with items that surpasses OEM standards, can go on for years without any difficulty. BBK is the perfect brand, certainly the number one aftermarket brand in USA – American built and designed.

Now, let’s have some information about a throttle body and its functions. A throttle body’s main purpose, for which it exists, is to control the fuel-injected engine. The throttle body is found in the middle of the air filter and the intake manifold, controlled by a butterfly valve. A butterfly valve is actually a disk that opens and shuts the throttle body’s bore venturi and thus makes more air flow when the pedal of accelerator is depressed. So, when that air moves through the housing’s round, tube shaped section, information is collected from several sensors and is transmitted to the control computer of the engine, later this data is used to get a complete and ideal mixture of fuel for the total air flowing in. As compared to other throttle bodies, BBK Throttle Body gives more power as well as numerous benefits, which distinguishes this throttle body from any other. What an engine need is an exceptional amount of air passing through it, the more air pumped through it, the much power it makes. This throttle body is made with airflow tubes having larger diameter than that of Oem’s, resulting in naturally increased airflow. Loading more air into your engine makes more fuel burned, which leads towards more power creation. If you are looking for a high performance throttle body to completely justify your vehicle’s engine with a specific trouble free reliable experience then check out BBK Throttle body that is definitely worth a try. This throttle body is recommended for vehicles whose modifications have been made or are planned especially cold air intakes and exhaust. BBK throttle body is easily available in every spot of America. So what’s stopping you?


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