Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine with 16 Level Adjustable Resistance and LCD Monitor and Bottle Holder for Home Use

  • 【TOTAL BODY LOW-IMPACT WORKOUT】 The Magnetic Rowing Machine will tone and strengthen every muscle group on your back, legs, arms, abdominals, and buttocks, increase cardiovascular endurance without the fear of injury.
  • 【16-LEVEL MAGNETIC RESISTANCE 】16-Level adjustable resistance with magnetic control flywheel which can customize your own exercise difficulty by easily adjust the tension knob and also ensure your smooth and super quiet rowing experience without worrying about disturbing your families or neighbors.
  • 【COMFORTABLE PADDED SEAT and HANDLEBARS】The Rower Exercise Machine equipped with an ergonomically designed seat and hand grips with high-density foam making you feel comfortable when rowing the machine. The molded seat can slide easily and smoothly along the aluminum rowing beam.
  • 【LCD MONITOR and SAFETY STRAPS】The multi-functional LCD screen that tracks count, total count, reps/min, time, and calorie to meet your fitness achievements. The footplates with adjustable straps that fit in one of two positions which keep your feet secure during the workout.
  • 【FOLDABLE DESIGN for SIMPLE STORAGE】 Built-in transportation wheels and the overall dimension 76.4″L x 19.7″W x 16.5″ W making this a fairly compact machine. You can move this magnetic rower to any narrow corner in seconds and fold it up. Folded size: 37.4″L x 42.3″H. Weight Capacity: 243 LBS

£224.00 £399.00

Magnetic Rower Machine is unlike any other with its 16 level adjustable resistance and LCD monitor including bottle holder which makes it the best workout machine for home use. This magnetic rower machine’s frame is made of aluminum and the suggested maximum weight is 243 pounds. This workout equipment is a complete body workout package as it strengthens and tone every muscle group whether legs or arms, abdominal or back or buttocks, it targets each body muscle and also increases cardiovascular stamina, without fear of pain and injury. Magnetic rower machine can also be called a complete home gym as it targets 85 percent of our muscles thus giving our body full and proper movement. So, it is a combo of muscle strengthening and cardio at the same time. Want to know more about this magnetic rower machine? 16 level adjustable resistance with magnetic control fly wheel ensures you a pleasurable, effortless, smooth and quiet rowing experience. This rower machine is equipped with super comfortable ergonomically designed seat and hand grips with high density foam which make you feel cosy while using the rowing machine. Multifunctional LCD keeps tracks count, total count, reps/min, time and calorie to help you meet your desired shape and weight, the footplates with adjustable straps fitted in one of two positions keeps your feet safe. The transportation wheels and its overall dimension makes this a well compact and easily adjustable machine that can be taken to any narrow corner in just few seconds and can be folded up easily. Now about Magnetic rowing machine benefits, with the help of this machine you can take yourself to the highest intensity of workout without hurting your knees or ankles, like, the runners who runs too far, too fast, usually hurt themselves; it is a brilliant machine as with sitting the chances of getting hurt decreases. Rowing directly attacks your belly fat, glutes, and back fat in an instant, without making your muscles sore on the next day. Not just that, rowing also improves your posture by making your upper body strong, if done correctly. Let us not think that rowing is only upper body’s workout, it is 60 percent legs, while rowing you can also feel it by yourself, and as a result this leads towards well-toned legs. As you are aware of the benefits of HIIT workout as well as LISS workout for weight loss, this Magnetic rowing Machine helps you perform both. This exercise equipment can be used in steady state as well as in high intensity. All this makes it, an ideal workout machine that will pave your way towards your desired figure. You can find this magnetic rower machine easily in every spot of America, so what are you waiting for, buy it now and find new dimensions of fitness and health.

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